Commenting Guidelines

The West Side Journal welcomes local opinion writers in West Baton Rouge Parish or the surrounding area to submit their thoughts and opinions. We ask that any opinions refrain from name calling, insults or obscene language.

Letters to the editor should be emailed to, either with a Microsoft Word document attached or with the text in the body of the email. However, typed submissions can be mailed to P.O. Box 260, Port Allen, 70767-0260 or dropped off at our office at 668 North Jefferson, Port Allen. Submissions must be typed, not handwritten. All submissions must include the name and telephone number of a contact person. Public comments written on our website may also be published in print as letters to the editor. Materials will be published at the discretion of our editor and/or publisher.

The Westside Journal • 668 N Jefferson Ave, Port Allen, LA 70767 • 225-343-2540

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