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Ousted Port Allen Mayor Demetric “Deedy” Slaughter has decided to throw her hat into the upcoming race for mayor that will elect a person to hold the office for the remaining nearly-three years of Slaughter’s term.

Slaughter was recalled in November 2013 in a historic election that garnered more than 2,500 votes, 63 percent of which voted to push the then-mayor out of office for what many saw as a disastrous term.

On Friday, February 14, four candidates, including Slaughter joined Richard Lee III (who filed on February 12) as candidates for the mayoral election, which will be held on April 5.

“My supporters… are wanting me to complete that three year term just as much as I want to,” Slaughter said in a telephone interview Monday afternoon. “I was never given the opportunity to even do anything in office because I was attacked from day one with allegation after allegation – I had to constantly fight those entire 10 months.”

When asked if she thought she and the city council would be able to get past their difference if she was re-elected, Slaughter said that she didn’t think there were, technically, differences between her and the council, rather the council was reluctant to change.

“I don’t think there’s a ‘difference,’ the thing is, I came in strictly following the Lawrason Act – which is something that the city council never did follow. The struggle came in with me coming in to say, ‘hey, this is the Lawrason Act. This is our governing body for the city of Port Allen, and this is the way that the government should be.’ when in reality, they continued to tell me, ‘well mayor we’ve been doing it like this for years,’” Slaughter said. “I just believe that with me coming in and following the Lawrason Act – that was a big drastic change to them and the way they had always done things. That’s where the struggles came, and that’s where the fights came.”

Upon Slaughter being recalled in November, Port Allen Councilman R.J. Loupe said that the council members had “been through hell” during Slaughter’s term as mayor, as much controversy surrounded her and the council.

Slaughter said Monday that she believes she can help move the city forward.

“Everybody has their difference of opinion, but when it all boils down, it’s about what’s best for the city of Port Allen,” she said. “It started out with one thing after the other that they continued to bring against me. All those allegations are not true.”

Slaughter said that she made the decision to run again after the death of her mother, who passed on Thursday, February 13.

“Definitely, my mother played a big role in that decision,” she said. “She felt that I should complete what I started. Even from my childhood years, she would always tell us if you start something, you ought to complete it.”

Slaughter joins four other candidates for mayor in the April 5 election.

Kirby “Mr. A” Anderson, Larry Bell, Leon Goudeau Jr., and Richard Lee III are also on the ballot.

Anderson ran for mayor in the 2012 election that saw Slaughter initially elected while the other candidates are new to the Port Allen mayoral race.

Goudeau Jr., son of WBR School Board Member Leon Goudeau, ran for Port Allen city council in 2012.

The election will be help April 5, 2014. Early voting will be held March 22-29 (except Sunday) from 8:30 a.m.-6 p.m. for the April 5 primary election.

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