School Board looks into safety drill production

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During the Educational Presentations portion of the February monthly West Baton Rouge School Board meeting, on February 19, Deano Moran of the WBR Parish Office of Homeland Security, spoke to the board about hosting a special safety drill production in parish schools.

Moran said that he has procured a grant to help the parish hold an active shooter drill – a production involving law enforcement, school teachers, students and more to act out the scenario if an intruder made his/her way onto a school campus.

“I met with the company, I met with the parish, I’m going to meet with the law enforcement. I want to involve y’all in the planning of it,” Moran said to the board.

School Board president Jason Manola said that parish school safety liaison Warren LeJeune recently visited St. Charles Parish during their active shooter drill production.

“LeJeune actually went on a similar exercise in St. Charles Parish and it involved about 200 students, plus faculty and law enforcement. The whole gambit,” said Manola. “When he came back, he was certainly impressed.”

Moran agreed that the production is impressive, saying that the active shooter drill “was such an eye opener.”

Moran told the board that he had also witnessed the active shooter drill in St. Charles.

“They do it on one of their half days of school - their in-service days. They brought every teacher from their parish to one school and they do this live drill,” Moran said. “It’s awesome. I hope to accomplish that here.”

Moran said that the production side of the drill is done by a non-profit organization through LSU who helps plan and narrate the entire drill.

He said he’d like to begin plans to complete the drill/production in West Baton Rouge Parish.

In other school board news, the board assigned school board members to committees for the year.

The following is a list of 2014 WBR Parish School Board Committee assignments:

Executive Committee

Ronald Leblanc, chairman; Dr. Atley Walker, 2nd chairman; Jason Manola, member

Land Contracts and Insurance Committee

Toby Sarradet, chairman; Thelma Pattan, 2nd chairman; Michael Maranto, member; Dr. Atley Walker, member; and Teri Bergeron, member

Academics Committee

Dr. Atley Walker, chairman; Leon Goudeau, 2nd chairman; Thelma Pattan, member; Craig Sarradet, member; and Jason Manola, member

Personnel and Finance Committee

G. Alden Chustz Jr., chairman; Teri Bergeron, 2nd chairman; Ronald Leblanc, member; Jason Manola, member; Toby Sarradet, member

Buildings Equipment and Maintenance Committee

Michael Maranto, chairman; Craig Sarradet, 2nd chairman; G. Alden Chustz Jr., member; Leon Goudeau, member; Teri Bergeron, member.

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