Port Allen makes adjustment to meet monitoring requirement

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Port Allen water customers will soon be receiving a notice that the city failed to do one monitoring test on the water system in January, but steps have already been taken to make sure the system is monitored monthly in the future.

Handling the two freezing weather/sleet events during January strained the city’s Public Works Department, and during that time the monitoring inadvertently lapsed. Because the city is required by state regulations to test the water system monthly for specific contaminants, and it failed to meet that requirement in January, it is now required to send a notice to all customers.

“The city has monitored the water monthly for many years, and found no water quality issues, so customers should not be alarmed by this,” explained Mayor Lynn Robertson. “It was simply an oversight due to the focus on preparing for and dealing with the weather events. We have addressed the cause of the missed monitoring and are now monitoring as required and will continue to do so as scheduled."

Robertson said officials did not want water customers to be concerned about the notice that they will receive in their March bills referring to the one month of missed monitoring. “The letter customers will receive is a requirement of the state, but customers have no reason to be alarmed. The most recent and past tests of the water showed no quality issues,” Robertson said.

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