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On Tuesday, March 11, the West Baton Rouge Sheriff’s Office initiated a round-up, arresting more than 20 people for the use and distribution of drugs throughout West Baton Rouge Parish.

Colonel Richie Johnson of the West Baton Rouge Sheriff’s Office, said Tuesday morning that 25 arrests had been made and eight more warrants for arrest were issued after a six month long investigation uncovered narcotics violators.

“A lot of time, money and resources were put into this operation,” said Johnson. “A lot of agencies participated in the arrests, investigations, undercover operations and six months of hard work by the narcotics unit.”

Johnson said that the WBR Narcotics Unit will, periodically, do what is called a “roundup,” as was done Tuesday morning, which usually results in the arrests of around 30 assailants. He said that the majority of the arrests made were with the city of Port Allen.

“Just taking office, I knew there was a drug problem prior to getting in and one of the things that I had to deal with,” said Port Allen Police Chief Esdron Brown. “It’s just a medium-sized dent in a large problem. We’re just going to continue to push forward.”

Brown said that he is grateful to have the help of the WBRSO and the narcotics unit to help keep drugs out of the city’s streets.

“It’s a bad day for the drug dealers in Port Allen - It was all over the parish but the multitude was in Port Allen,” he said. The citizens of Port Allen should be excited that we’re getting rid of a huge problem.”

Brown said that it was an exciting day for him and the city and that he will continue to do what he can to keep drugs out of the city.

“It’s a terrible place to sell drugs, in the city of Port Allen, because we have a zero tolerance for drugs,” he said.

Johnson echoed his sentiments, saying that the selling or use of drugs will not be tolerated in the parish.

“Don’t do drugs – it’s such an old saying; but there’s a zero tolerance for drugs in this parish.”

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