Truck falls from ramp, shuts down La. 1

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An 18-wheeler truck carrying fertilizer toppled off the entrance ramp from LA-1 north to I-10 westbound onto the northbound lanes of LA-1 on Tuesday morning, April 15, shutting down the LA-1 northbound lanes for hours.

Port Allen Police Chief Esdron Brown said that he believes the truck’s speed, along with the weight of the cargo, caused the truck to hit the guard rail and roll over the ramp onto the highway below.

“We believe that his speed and that load probably shifted on him and unfortunately, he fell over,” Brown said. “Coming around this deep curve they have, which you’ve got to watch your speed.”

Brown said that the driver was new to the job and it was his first time traveling this specific route.

The driver of the truck walked away from the accident with minimal injuries.

“The driver came out with a little cut on his head and another little scratch. It’s unbelievable; he’s perfectly alright,” Brown said.

According to Port Allen Police, the truck was carrying grass and plant fertilizer, which is not harmful when airborne.

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