Council, residents applaud Robertson

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During the April 9 Port Allen city council meeting, city council members and residents praised Lynn Robertson for her nearly four months as interim mayor following the successful recall election of former mayor Demetric “Deedy” Slaughter.

“When the task was asked of you to step in as interim mayor,” resident Jane Harris said, “You accepted without hesitations or reservation and immediately began a job of making Port Allen a city for all citizens to be proud of again.”

Gov. Bobby Jindal appointed Robertson following the recall election. Robertson had previously been mayor of Port Allen from 1993 to 2004 -- the first female mayor of Port Allen.

Robertson is the Executive Director of the Louisiana Chapter of the American Institute of Architects and is a real estate broker. She also serves on the Greater Baton Rouge Port Commission as a gubernatorial appointee representing West Baton Rouge Parish.

Resident Jason Hammack said, “You took time away from your family and career to work with the citizens of Port Allen, city employees and the city council on a view towards restoring transparency to our city government.”

Harris said Robertson restored unity between the city’s legislative and executive branches so that the city could move forward.

“With you as our mayor, we began to once again have a council and mayor who would work together and accomplish the city’s work,” she said. “And also how the mayor and city employees were able to do the jobs that they were hired to do. The city began coming together once again.”

During Robertson’s nearly fourth months as interim mayor, she signed into law a long overdue 2013-2014 city budget, spearheaded an update of the city’s employee handbook and guided many other initiatives on track with the city’s Master Plan.

“We’ve all seen your efforts beginning to materialize in beautification projects and business development around the city,” Hammack said.

Councilman Garry Hubble spoke specifically of Robertson’s professionalism.

“There was not a time that I was texted,” he said. “I was called to be conferred with…to me that says a lot.”

Robertson said her focus was “a spirit of trust and consensus.”

“I love and believe in our city,” she said.

“Thank you for being Port Allen’s mayor once again and making us proud of our city and of you,” Harris said.

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