Port Allen drug bust leads to seizure of car

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Police seized more than $1,500 and a custom Chevrolet Corvette from a Port Allen man after finding several packages of heroine in the vehicle and arresting the man on drug charges.

Johnny Grant, 35, of 1161 Michigan Ave., Port Allen, was arrested April 20 and charged with distribution of schedule 1 drugs as well as introduction of a contraband into a penal institute.

Grant’s second charge, introduction of a contraband into a penal institute, came after his initial arrest, once he was brought to the West Baton Rouge Detention Center and searched while being booked. According to an affidavit of probable cause, a jail employee located, hidden in Grant’s underwear, a small clear baggy containing marijuana.

Port Allen Police Chief Esdron Brown said that Grant’s arrest not only proves that his department’s “zero tolerance” policy on drugs stands true, but also that residents in the city are growing tired of the drug issue as well.

“We appreciate the public – the public has been real big on calling in, and we ask them to keep calling in and reporting any suspicious activities involving drugs and anything else,” Brown said. “It just goes to show… that drugs are still prevalent inside the city limits of Port Allen and we don’t plan on stopping pursuing them and making arrests.”

According to the affidavit, Port Allen Police officers pulled Grant over on the corner of S. 12th St. and Avenue B after they observed his vehicle’s music was “unreasonably loud.”

Upon approaching Grant’s vehicle, a blue Chevrolet Corvette, officers noticed a smell that they believed was marijuana.

According to the affidavit, upon being questioned about the odor, Grant admitted “by spontaneous utterance that he had previously smoked what he described as a small blunt just prior to us making contact with him.”

After getting permission to search the vehicle, police found three small aluminum foil wrappers containing heroin.

Grant also told officers “he had already snorted three other (portions of heroin) prior to coming into contact with us,” the affidavit states.

Grant was transported to the West Baton Rouge Detention Center to be booked on the distribution charges when jail personnel found the hidden marijuana on Grant’s person. He was booked with distribution of heroin and introduction of contraband into a penal institution.

Chief Brown said that Grant’s vehicle, a 2005 Chevrolet Corvette, was seized, along with more than $1,500 cash.

The vehicle is believed to have been purchased using drug money, along with any alterations made to the vehicle, as it was customized with rims and electronics.

“We turned it over to the narcotics division and it’ll have to go to court for all the seizure papers to be done and decided in court,” Brown explained. “It’s property of the district attorney’s office right now.”

He said that he doesn’t foresee the seizure being a problem, as it was, at the least, being used to transport drugs, as Grant was caught with heroin in the vehicle.

Brown commended the work of the officers who made the stop and discovered the drugs, and further lauded the public for their support.

“The guys are doing a real good job. We’re working kind of short at the moment, but the officers are working hard and they’re doing a real good job and we’re just going to keep fighting,” he said. “A lot of the public is starting to get involved and coming to the neighborhood watch meetings. Together, as the public works with the police department, we can see the crime drop and we can see the selling of drugs actually drop inside the city of Port Allen.”

Brown said that the neighborhood watch program takes place the last Monday of each month in meeting room of the Port Allen City Hall, on the third floor.

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