Parish to sponsor Food Pantry

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The West Baton Rouge Parish Council voted in favor of sponsoring the Port Allen Food Pantry during their regular meeting Thursday, April 24.

Parish President, Riley “PeeWee” Berthelot said that a sponsorship from the parish simple allows the food pantry to operate as a non-profit, as it always has, using the parish’s federal I.D. number.

Berthelot said that Food Pantry personnel came to the council requesting assistance with paperwork after being told they needed to use a federal I.D. number moving forward.

“The Port Allen Food Pantry has been servicing the Port Allen community for 30 years or longer. It just came to light… they (were told) they had to use a federal ID number, but they never filed any 501c3 or any type of corporation papers or anything, they just always served on a volunteer basis,” explained Berthelot. “They just didn’t have anywhere to turn. They don’t mind doing the work, continuing to volunteer, but they needed somebody to sponsor it.”

The council, in a unanimously vote, decided to sponsor the Food Pantry, which, according to Berthelot, will consist of helping them with paperwork.

“I think it’s a good move to help a really good program in Port Allen,” Berthelot said. “All we’re doing is handling their paperwork for them. We’re not doing anything else differently than what we’ve been doing.”

In other business, the council introduced an ordinance that will clearly define job classifications and descriptions throughout the parish system, including all fire department employees and the soon-to-be assistant fire chief.

Berthelot said that once the ordinance has been adopted, which may take place during the May 8 meeting, the assistant fire chief will be named.

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