Attorney General looking into Rinaudo death

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The Louisiana Attorney General’s Office confirmed that they are looking into 59-year-old Addis woman Sandra Rinaudo’s death following a request by the Addis police department to do so.

Rinaudo died in her home on Aug. 9, 2013. The WBR Parish Coroner’s Office ruled her manner of death a homicide and her cause of death “Exsanguination,” or blood loss, due to “Multiple Traumatic Injuries.”

However, a grand jury for the state of Louisiana on Nov. 14, 2013, found “no true bill to any crime according to the law of the State of Louisiana and against the peace and dignity of the same.”

Addis Police Chief Ricky Anderson said in May that there was not enough evidence to support the homicide theory, but that he and Colonel Richie Johnson, of the WBR Parish Sheriff’s Office, were each offering $5,000 of their own money to anyone with a new lead in the case.

Anderson said in May that he would not provide public records to news media regarding the case because, “It’s not a closed case.”

On May 15, Louisiana Television Broadcasting LLC (WBRZ-TV in Baton Rouge) brought a case against the Addis police department in 18th Judicial District Court, due to Anderson’s refusal to honor a Louisiana public records request.

WBRZ sought to compel Anderson by law to produce the records via a Writ of Mandamus.

On June 12, Judge J. Robin Free denied the Writ of Mandamus.

Anderson’s June 4 letter to Mike Thompson, Director of Investigations for the Louisiana Attorney General’s (AG’s) Office, stated, “I was wondering if your office would review my investigative file, and consider assisting me with this investigation. The AG’s Office has, in fact, reviewed some of the evidence previously in this case, and has provided valuable insight to the investigation.”

Laura Gerdes Colligan, spokesperson for the Louisiana Attorney General’s Office, said, “Our office is honoring his request for assistance, but we cannot comment further since this is an ongoing matter.”

Ragean Bellelo, Rinaudo’s daughter who re-ignited the case by taking the story to WBRZ-TV in Baton Rouge, could not immediately be reached for comment and did not return phone calls at the time of the Journal’s press deadline.

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  • Guest (Ragean)


    Again, this is inaccurate reporting... I did NOT contact WBRZ, or any news agency. WBRZ was apparently looking into the matter for the past several months and caught me outside of the WBR courthouse. Please maintain the dignity of my mother by reporting FACTS and not inaccuracies that paint a picture of her being abusive, when she WAS NOT. Also do NOT paint a picture of her deserving to die at the hands of someone else like your last printed report.

  • Guest (Anjelina)


    Once more, this is off base reporting... I didn't contact WBRZ, or any news organization. WBRZ was obviously investigating the matter for as far back as a while and got me outside of the WBR courthouse. If you don't mind keep up the respect of my mom by reporting FACTS and not mistakes that paint a photo of her being harsh, when she WAS NOT. Likewise don't paint a photo of her meriting to kick the bucket because of another person like you're last printed

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