A call to surrender

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Jamie Womack, a 41-year-old Erwinville woman with Cerebral Palsy, has a special story to tell.

Womack, who is not a wheelchair-user and who drives her own car, said she lives a normal life, but not without its hardships, and recently wrote an autobiography.

Womack, whose life began in Oklahoma City, Okla., in a breach position with the umbilical cord around her neck, speaks of God’s hand on her life from the start.

In her book, “A Call to Surrender,” Womack said the doctors – who feared the worst – suggested putting her in an institution as soon as possible, but that her father “immediately said no to that recommendation, knowing that God had other plans for his daughter’s life.”

She survived the night on a respirator and over the course of eight days in the hospital was spared damage to the mental capacity of her brain.

She was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy, a motor disability, at 15 months old. At two years old, she began to walk.

In the seventh grade, sharp back pain threatened Womack’s ability to walk.

She said in the first chapter of her book, “The fear of having to be put in a wheelchair was very real.” However, she said the pain disappeared after a couple of months when the staff members of the church where her father was a pastor prayed for her.

Now, Womack shares the story of God’s grace and faithfulness to various schools and churches through Jamie Womack Ministries, which she began in 2002. In 2011, she transitioned to full-time ministry, with only the help of someone who travels with her.

In 2011, Womack said she traveled 20 times in six states. In 2012, she traveled 41 times in six states; and, in 2013, she traveled 47 times in five states.

“I’ve seen this ministry touch people of all walks of life,” she said.

In her book, Womack included a final chapter called “Testimony,” an email she received from a high school student. That email details how Womack’s story inspired the student to live more passionately for God.

“[God’s] really done a work,” Womack said. “I look forward to what He’s going to do in the future, where He’s going to take me and the people He’s going to reach.”

As for what inspired her to write the book, she said, “I’ve been thinking about writing this book for a long time,” but added that the timing wasn’t quite right until this year. Also, through her ministry, she said people kept asking her if she had a book.

She said she wrote off and on for a couple of years, but that, “This spring I really got down to business.”

The book came out in May through a publisher, Womack said, and she laughed heartily when she recalled the people who have already asked her, “So when’s the next book?”

She said she would consider writing a second book.

Womack has a degree from LSU in Business Administration. She is married to Jimmy Womack, Pastor of First Baptist Church in Maringouin, La., Hospice Chaplain for Life Source Services of Baton Rouge and Justice of the Peace in Erwinville, La.

For more information about her ministry and her book, Womack has a website at

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