Gas lines in Acadian Crossing repaired

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Last week, during the Addis Town Council Meeting, Mayor David Toups announced that the gas line issues in Acadian Crossing have been repaired.

In May, officials from the parish and the town said that there were “serious issues with the gas line” in Acadian Crossing, which caused joint failures as fuses in the pipes to separated.

Toups said during the July 2 meeting, that the original contractor had replaced the gas lines, which have been in proper working order since.

“The parish came in after the fact and tested the line,” Toups said. “They have already hooked up all the homes in Acadian Crossing to the new line and they are working good, so that project is behind us.

“We actually got that done real, real quick and I’m happy with it.”

Toups also announced that residents of Addis who normally vote at the civic center will, beginning with the next election, now vote at the Addis VFW.

“Anybody that used to vote at the polling place at the civic center – it’s now being moved to the Addis VFW, and the reason being is because it’s a bigger facility with more parking, and it’s easy to move,” said Toups during the meeting.

“That will be done for the next elections, which will be in November. We’ll no longer be using the civic center for the elections.”

During the meeting the council voted to amend the budget to allow several necessary purchases including three new computers for the office clerks, and two new 5-ton air condition units.

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