Several arrested in Port Allen shooting cases

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A mother and son duo were arrested Thursday, August 21, in connection with a drive-by shooting in Port Allen that took place a week earlier.

Terrance Tillman, 17, and his mother Edith Tillman, 43, both of 1210 Avenue D in Port Allen, were arrested and charged with attempted principal to second-degree murder in connection to the 17 shots fired near the N. 14th street basketball courts on August 14, where one juvenile was shot twice.

Port Allen Police Chief Esdron Brown reiterated that the arrests were only in connection to the actual shooter.

“They’re not the shooters. They were just arrested for principal to second degree murder,” Brown said adding that the police department is close to making an arrest on the actual shooter.

A report by WBRZ-TV indicated that investigators on the case said that Edith Tillman was involved in an earlier altercation with people playing basketball at the courts. Police said she told them she was "going to get her people," and later came back with her son and a second person.

Police said the other person fired multiple times at the group, hitting one.

Port Allen police also made further arrests in the August 16 shooting that took place, that saw one man shot and another arrested.

Michael J. Jackson, 20, was arrested for shooting and injuring Kevin Ray – but police, this week, arrested Alicary Jackson, 20, of 932 Franklin St. and Robert Williams, 18, of 909 Franklin St. on charges of witness intimidation over the Internet.

Chief Esdron Brown said that Williams took a photo of a woman talking to PAPD officers and posted the image to social media. According to Brown, Williams and Alicary Jackson then began making threats on the social media site.

“They started making threats, talking about she should be punished for talking to police and how they were going to punish her,” Brown said.

Brown said that he will do everything he can to protect the people of the city, especially those who want to come forward as witnesses to crime.

“The Port Allen Police Department will not tolerate anyone that intimidates any witness trying to work with the police,” Brown said. “We’re going to lock them up if I catch them trying to stop people from talking to us.”

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