Robbery suspect had criminal history

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Last Monday evening, January 21, an alleged robbery in Brusly turned deadly when a man robbed Noah’s Pharmacy of drugs and cash, tied up employees, took a hostage, stole a police vehicle which crashed, and threatened to shoot his hostage, police and himself before police shot and killed him.

After a stand-off with police, an Addis officer shot down Ray Charles Hayes, of 979 Avenue C in Port Allen – a man who has an extensive criminal record.

West Baton Rouge Sheriff Colonel, Richie Johnson, said Monday afternoon, that Hayes’ arrest record dates back to 1979 and includes about 23 separate entries/incidents.

“His first arrest was in ‘79, and it was for armed robbery,” said Johnson. “He had a pretty extensive, violent history.”

Johnson said that Hayes served two separate terms in Angola State Penitentiary for 10 years or longer, as well as terms in other state institutions.

“He’s a pretty bad dude, looking at his record,” Johnson said. “It’s a lot of violent crimes.”

He was arrested in connection with armed robberies, possession of firearms, first-degree murder, second-degree battery, simple escape, and more, according to Johnson.

Johnson said that the address on Hayes’ I.D. is also the address of his ex-wife, who owns the vehicle he drove – a black 2000 Pontiac Firebird.

Johnson said that police have questioned Hayes’ ex-wife about her possible involvement in last week’s robbery of Noah’s Pharmacy, and about her relationship with him.

“She bought him that car. Kept it in her name, because he couldn’t own a car – couldn’t get insurance under his name,” Johnson said. “So she bought him that car and she was with him at 4:30 that day.”

The woman, whose name is being withheld, has not been arrested in connection to the Brusly robbery.

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