West Baton Rouge Parish Council uses new voting equipment

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The West Baton Rouge Parish council utilized new electronic voting equipment at its Thursday, Feb. 14 council meeting.

Finance Director Philip Bourgoyne said the parish spent $13,000 on Premium Roll Call Pro, coming under budget on that item.

Last year, when the council discussed electronic voting, Council Chair Gary Spillman said, “I’m just trying to move this parish into the future.”

The new voting equipment is connected to a projector screen, and boasts features such as: “speaking” appears next to a council member’s name when that person is speaking and “discussion” appears next to each name when the council is discussing a matter.

Council members also enjoyed new chairs at the Feb. 14 council meeting.

New chairs are something the council has talked about for years, Bourgoyne said, and Councilwoman Charlene Gordon was given the task of selecting them.

The parish spent $3,100 on the chairs, he said.

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