American Idol judges bid farewell to Hotard

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Port Allen’s Brandy Hotard was eliminated from FOX television’s American Idol on Wednesday evening, February 20, during a sudden death round which took place in Las Vegas.

During the show, which is a nationwide televised singing competition, Hotard moved through the first few rounds, garnering the attention of the show’s judges, and was placed into the overall top 40.

During the sudden death round, the top 40 was cut down to the top 20 – and Brandy’s American Idol road came to an end as she sang Travis Tritt’s “I Don’t Love You Anymore.”

The judges, Keith Urban, Nikki Minaj, Randy Jackson and Mariah Carey, seemed to agree that though Hotard’s voice was good, her performance lacked emotion.

“Your voice is really good, and was good in that song,” said Urban. “My only issue with that performance really was an emotional connection inconsistency.”

Minaj said that Urban’s thoughts echoed her own.

“That was a pageant delivery of a song. It did not feel real,” she said. “You’re coming out here to be a realistic believable artist.”

Jackson said that he wanted more from the performance, saying that he felt that Brandy didn’t have the right connection to the lyrics.

“It didn’t tell me enough of who you are; what kind of artist you wanted to be.”

Carey said that she had seen Hotard more emotionally connected to other songs in previous performances, but said that she liked her voice a lot.

“When you open up your voice in your mid register… it sounds like, it’s a million dollar moment,” she said. “Keep being you.”

Hotard said she appreciated those who supported her throughout her time in the competition.

“Having the support of my family, friends, hometown and others around the country helped me get to where I am! Y’all’s kind words encouraged me everyday to try my hardest and to fight for my dream,” Brandy posted on her personal account late Wednesday night.

Hotard said that she was glad that she was able to experience American Idol in such a manner, and she plans to continue pursuing a singing career.

“This experience has definitely been one of a lifetime. I don’t have any regrets,” Hotard said. “Being in the top 40 in the country was such an honor.”

She said she plans to audition for the next season of The X Factor, which will be in New Orleans in April.

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