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Louisiana Attorney General “Buddy” Caldwell declined, at this time, to give Port Allen Mayor Demetric “Deedy” Slaughter an opinion regarding her salary, her trip to the Presidential inauguration on taxpayer dollars, and her hiring of a Chief of Staff.

On March 11, Slaughter sent a letter to Caldwell asking that he “issue the appropriate opinions or reports.”

Caldwell sent a letter back March 26, saying, “It is the policy of the Attorney General not to furnish opinions on questions of fact or on matters where the relevant facts are in dispute or where the matters are the subject of pending litigation or where the prospect of litigation appears imminent.”

Caldwell continued, “It is clear that the issues which are the subject of your request are matters either under investigation by local or federal officials or are the subject of pending or imminent litigation subject to a determination by the courts. Accordingly, our office will decline to issue an opinion on the questions presented at this time.”

Meanwhile, Allen Brown of the Louisiana Legislative Auditor’s (LLA) office confirms that an investigation of Slaughter by the LLA is still underway.

Brown said he cannot predict an end date for the investigation.

A status hearing for the 18th Judicial District Court case “Audrey McCain versus Demetric Slaughter” is also set for April 30 at 9 a.m. at the courthouse in Port Allen.

McCain and her attorneys have filed a “rule for contempt” alleging that, since the Feb. 20 injunction reinstating McCain as CFO, Slaughter has:

“Publically accused Ms. Audrey McCain of malfeasance in public office”

“Included false allegations regarding Ms. McCain in a formal civil rights complaint to the United States Attorney General Eric Holder”

“Excluded Ms. McCain from necessary officer and department head meetings which serve to impede her ability to perform her essential job functions as CFO, Municipal Tax Collector and Municipal Clerk”

“Excluded Ms. McCain from budget preparations, in favor of doing it herself. And upon reasonable information and belief has instructed city officials and department heads not to cooperate with Ms. McCain regarding her statutorily mandated annual budget preparations”

“Has failed to deliver to Ms. McCain the keys to her desk and filing cabinets such that sensitive and confidential city records can be kept secure and under lock and key”

“Has caused the City of Port Allen to breach a state contract for the purchase of a motor vehicle for the Port Allen Fire Department,” in addition to other claims.

Slaughter did not specifically name McCain in her March 12 letter to U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder, but she did say, “The white City Council members and certain white staff members of the mayor’s office” have conspired against her in the media and that, “Certain white staff members have emailed the white council members and told them to ignore the City attorney because she will provide the legal advice to them.”

At the April 10 Port Allen City Council meeting, Slaughter said McCain did not provide her with a report she requested April 4 and April 8 regarding proposed budget amendments for cost overruns on the audit, a $19,000 increase in the general fund budget and a $31,000 increase in the water and gas fund budget for a combined $50,000.

Chief of Staff Ralph Slaughter previously told the West Side Journal that cost overruns on the audit would send the city’s budget over by about $50,000.

McCain said at the meeting she had been busy but that Slaughter has the ability like McCain to go into the computer and create reports.

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