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West Baton Rouge Parish school employees can look forward to receiving an extra $800 in December from the school board after the board approved the monetary supplement during the regular school board meeting Wednesday, October 17.

The board unanimously approved a mid-year supplemental check in the amount of $800 to be paid in December to all employees. Supplements will be pro-rated according to the percentage of the year actually employed. To receive the supplemental check, personnel must be employed on December 1, 2012. 

The board also approved that the mid-year monetary salary supplement be funded from the EFID Fund.

David Corona, WBR Superintendent of Schools, said that the supplemental check is meant to be a “thank you” to the parish’s school employees

“We are fortunate to have (our employees) working with our children, and because we are in good financial position at this point in time, we want to reward each of (the school employees) with a 13th check that simply says ‘thank you’ for the work that (they) do.

“For five consecutive years our system continues to move in a positive direction regarding educational outcomes for our students and we are well aware that the fidelity and hard work of our employees is a vital reason that this continues to occur,” said Corona during the meeting.

In other business, Corona said that he expects to have, this week, the district performance scores from last year.

He said that the state’s October 10 release of the scores were backed up due to Hurricane Isaac.

We’ve had five successive years of improvement. I know that we will improve again next year, it’s just a matter of how much we will have improved,” Corona said.

Corona said that he has already been made aware that the percentage of West Baton Rouge students who have scored in Advance and Mastery improved in 19 of the 26 tests.

“We had a large percentage of children who scored Excellent or Good on the end of course tests, so we know we’re going up, it’s just a matter of how much we will go up,” he said. “So we anxiously await that next week.”


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