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When the state released the school performance scores last week, West Baton Rouge Parish school system employees were expecting good news – but what they received was even better than they had hoped.

District Performance Scores showed that the WBR School District leaped nearly 10 points – right into the listing of a “B” graded school system.

“Five consecutive years of improvement, and we have now reached a grade of B,” said David Corona, West Baton Rogue Parish school superintendent. “In my opinion, we’ve always been an above average school system. Now we’ve proven it because we reached a score of 105.5.”

The West Baton Rouge school district’s performance score in the 2006-2007 school year was 81.1, which saw a steady increase each year up to the score of 105.5 achieved by students in the 2011-2012 school year.

A district’s performance letter grades, as well as individual school performance letter grades, are based on the following scores:

Grade “A” – 120 and above

Grade “B” – 105-119.9

Grade “C” – 90-104.4

Grade “D” – 75-89.9

Grade “F” – Below 75

According to Corona, the district’s score is based on a culmination of all the schools’ performance scores within the parish.

“Every employee that we have has contributed in some positive way to this rise that we now enjoy for our school system to earn a grade of ‘B.’ And I’m extremely proud of everyone that works here,” Corona said.

The 2012 Baseline School Performance Scores, which determine what letter grade a school has this year, shows that WBR had no failing schools, four schools with a grade of “D,” four schools with a grade of “C,” and one school, each, with grades “B” and “A.”

Brusly High School – 134.7 - A

Brusly Middle School – 107.3 - B

Lukeville Upper Elementary School – 104.3 - C

Brusly Elementary School – 103.3 - C

Devall Middle School – 98.7 - C

Port Allen High School – 90.9 - C

Cohn Elementary School – 87.9 - D

Port Allen Elementary School – 87.1 - D

Chamberlin Elementary School – 84.9 - D

Port Allen Middle School – 81.4 – D

Data shows that students’ performance scores have steadily increased through the years, as in 2008, the baseline scores ranged from 56.9 to 95.9.

“I think that the best, most accurate way for me to tell you why we have seen consecutive years of growth like that is because of good quality teachers supported and led by good quality school-based administrators supported and led by good quality central office administrators,” Corona said. “A good team effort.”

He said that the school system has set a good foundation for the future of West Baton Rouge education and that he expects the performance scores to continue its steady rise.

“I want the taxpayers of West Baton Rouge Parish to know that their tax dollars are going to a quality school system. The kids of West Baton Rouge Parish continue to get a better and better education,” Corona said. “We’re not where we want to be, but we’re getting better every year.”








It’s important to me… we’re spending their dollars wisely and they’re getting a good bang for their buck.

Our people work hard. They work together. It’s a good team effort and I’m really proud of it.


We’re a better the average school district. We knew that all along, but now we’ve proved it. And we got consecutive years of improvement.


I think we will continue to get better. 

The measures will change, but I think we will continue to get better.










On October 22, the state released the scores for the schools and the district for the 2011-2012 school year.

The WBR School district achieved a score of 105.5

We have come from 81.1 to … 96, successively going up.

We needed to reach 105 to get a score of B. So we’re now an above average school district in the eyes of the state.




The place from where we started – the baseline score for 2011 was an average of the growth score and the baseline score of the previous year.

They do that to bring some consistency so you don’t have great fluctuation.


Brusly High grew from 131.2 to 136.1, but they’re baseline score for next year is 134.7 – and that’s where they get their letter grade, they’re an A school.


What they really did was they grew from 131.2 to 136.1 – then they averaged those two to give them their baseline score for which they will start to pair against next year.


Threw out all of the GEE stuff, since we’re not using GEE anymore, and they only used end of course tests. So they created a transition baseline only using end-of-course tests, which made both Port Allen High and Brusly High go up because we did very well on end-of-course tests. And then the growth scores are what they are.



The district performance score is really a culmination of all of the 10 schools’ school performance scores and our district now is a B district.


Below 75 points equals an F school

75-89.9 is D

90-104.4 is the C Range

105-119.9 is the B range

120 and above is the A range


They give the schools the grade based on the baseline score. (Lukeville’s and BES’s score indicates a B school, but baseline brings them down to remain a C)


PAES gets their grade from the 3rd grade at Cohn

Brusly Elementary gets their grade from the third grade at Lukeville Upper Elem.


Chamberlin goes to grade 4, so they get the numbers from their own 3 grade and fourth graders.


You got 3 Port Allen schools that are in the 80s. Port Allen High is a 90 – they’re a C. Relatively high 80s.

You can conceivably see, maybe all three… 90 is in their grasp.

We’re making progress.



When you look at all of the anecdotal things surrounding the school, all the employees in this district… has contributed to this rise.


(Seen a custodian mentor a student because he saw the student was exhibiting behavioral issues)




High school will now be graded on ACT tests and end of course tests. GEE is out of the window now.

ACT, graduation index and end-of-course testing


With the advent of common core.

This is the last year that we will be able to make a direct comparison of year by year. Next year the whole thing changes.

The whole manner in which we judge things is changing.



I think the foundation is set.


You know what it all ultimately means? A better life for the people living in this parish.

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