Brusly to move forward with new police station

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Brusly Mayor Joey Normand said Monday night after the regular town hall meeting, that he held a special meeting last week informing the council members of what it will take to move forward with the construction of a $3 million police station.

Normand said that about four years ago an architect came to Brusly to evaluate the current police station, who told town officials that remodeling the existing building would bring high costs.

Normand said that in 2010, the town embarked on a Capital Outlay program to construct a new facility. In the last legislative session, the state appropriated $100,000 to the town for the design of a new building.

“This session, in House Bill 2, they appropriated $2.5 million of the state’s share,” said Normand. “The state pays 75 percent, we pay 25 percent.”

He said that though the state decided to pay 75% of the $3 million, he wanted to make sure the town council members remained on board with paying the other 25%.

“Twenty-five percent of a $3 million complex is $800,000. That’s no chicken feed, there,” Normand explained. “I just wanted to make sure we were all in to do that.”

He said that the town currently has about $1.5 million of surplus in the bank, which is more than enough, along with state funding, to construct their new police station.

“At the end of the day, we’ll have a state of the art police facility, we’ll have a relatively new town hall, we’ll have a new maintenance building, we’ll have a new archives building,” Normand said. “We will have a physical plant here, where nothing will have to be done for another 20-25 years. It’s going to be a pride for the community, it’s going to be nice.”

Normand said construction may begin as soon as the end of December of this year. The project is scheduled to be complete by the end of 2015.

Fire District

The town of Brusly’s council approved a resolution Monday night, during the regular town meeting, that made them the second parish municipality to concur with the WBR Parish Council on the consolidation of fire sub-districts to create a parish-wide fire district.

Chris “Fish” Kershaw, parish council member, thanked the town council for approving the resolution saying the support of the three parish municipalities is key in moving the fire district forward.

“We’ve been kind of stymied until we can get all three municipalities to agree,” Kershaw said during the “Remark of personal privilege” section of the meeting. “You’re the second town in our parish to do this and hopefully we’ll get Port Allen to jump on board Wednesday night (July 10 during the Port Allen city council meeting) and then we can move forward with the next step.”

Sewer Ordinances

The town council decided to approve final action on ordinances 6 and 7 of 2013, which adjust sewer connection fees in the town, as well as the budget.

Ordinance 6 of 2013 amends and re-enacts the code of ordinances of the town of Brusly, Chapter 19- planning and development regulations, relative to section 19,18 (d) improvements – sewer connection fee.

The ordinance states that a sewer connection fee of $250 per lot shall be charged for all new connections.

Ordinance 7 of 2013 amends the appropriations ordinance of 2012-2013; to provide relative to appropriations for income and expenses of the Brusly sewer system.

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