New Addis sub-division in the works

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The town of Addis approved a preliminary plat during their regular town meeting Wednesday for Sunset Lakes, an addition to Sunset Place, a new subdivision on the north end of the town.

Addis Mayor David Toups said, during a telephone interview Monday morning, the town council had to make a few zoning changes to the property “because it was agriculture, and we changed it to where they could subdivide and start laying down the groundwork” on what will be a new 47-lot subdivision.

Toups said Sunset Lakes/Sunset Place officials have agreed to do a drainage study on the property and “come up with any solution that they need to do to help out with the drainage in that area with the existing subdivision and the second filing.”

Building Code Ordinance

The council introduced an ordinance deciding to begin updating the town’s building code ordinance. According to Toups, the ordinance will more than likely be passed during the August meeting of the Addis Mayor and Town Council.

Toups said that the new ordinance is a combination of the West Baton Rouge Parish’s building code ordinance and the town’s existing ordinance, but a few changes have been made.

“We’re making more restrictions as far as giving the town some control,” Toups said. “As we grow, we’re seeing where we lack in some things, and we’re updating our ordinances as necessary.”

He said one of the biggest differences in the ordinance will be the fact that contractors doing business in Addis will have to get approval from the parish as well as the town. In the past, contractors only needed to seek approval from the parish.

“We just want to have a little safeguard where we can control what’s going on in the town of Addis – make sure our citizens are happy.”

Fire District

In what many considered the most meaningful move of the evening, the board of commissioners for the fire sub-district #1 approved a resolution consolidating the parish’s fire sub-districts into one district.

Each municipality in the parish must agree on the resolution in order to move forward with creating the fire district from the parish’s six sub-districts.

“Nobody wants to hold it up. We want the process to get going,” Toups said.

Toups said that he spoke to Addis’ volunteer firefighters firsthand and gave them information about what their future may hold.

“I went and eased their mind a little bit,” Toups said. “The volunteers are very important to the fire protection of Addis and to West Baton Rouge.”

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