Christmas in July: Santa’s Helpers jump-start campaign

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West Baton Rouge Schools Superintendent David Corona announced that the Santa’s Helpers of WBR, an organization that donates toys and clothing to children in need during the Christmas season, will hold a fundraiser brunch Sunday, July 28 from 7 a.m. to noon.

The brunch, of which all proceeds will go towards Santa’s Helpers of WBR, will be held at Bergeron’s Cajun Meats on Highway 415.

Teri Bergeron, WBR School Board Member and coordinator for Santa’s Helpers, said that she was presented with an opportunity that allowed her to begin gearing up for the organization’s Christmas charity earlier than usual.

Corona mentioned during Wednesday evening’s regular school board meeting that October usually begins the efforts of Santa’s Helpers of WBR, as Bergeron contacts guidance councilors within schools to find the students that are most in need. But this year Bergeron decided to begin efforts a few months early after connecting with culinary student Tiffany Theriot, a local woman who has been featured on TV’s Food Network several times, according to Bergeron.

“[Theriot] said she wanted to deal with non-profit organizations,” said Bergeron. “Everybody’s always saying ‘Christmas in July’ – well, I think it’d be a good deal.

“It’s just a little jump start to our campaign.”

At $10 per ticket, the brunch will kick off the campaign that helps the families of needy West Baton Rouge students.

“One of the best learning experiences I think we provide our kids: the Beta Club [and] the JAG programs from both high schools – the kids involved in both of those organizations show up at the American Legion Hall on the Saturday before Christmas, collect bags and deliver them to those households where they need it,” Corona said to the board members as well as the audience members in attendance. “Let me tell you, that it as good of a learning experience as [anything] for those kids.”

Corona said that students who help bring toys and clothing to families during the holiday season express pride in their actions and gratefulness for the things they have.

“It makes you appreciate lots of things. It makes you understand how to bring happiness to people and be thankful for what you have,” he said.

During the brunch, toy donations will be taken – each person donating a toy at the door of Bergeron’s Cajun Meats on Sunday will be registered for a door prize.

For tickets, or for more information, call Teri Bergeron at 278-9515, or purchase tickets at the door.

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