Addis council discusses sewer improvements

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The Addis Town Council discussed their options on making improvements to their sewage system during the town’s regular meeting Wednesday night, December 5.

Though they discussed the possible improvements, the council decided not to take immediate action, but to wait until an already scheduled special meeting, which will take place on December 19.

“It’s quite evident that even with the river being low, you can see water pouring in like a faucet through some of the pipes. So we do have some areas that we’ve got to address,” said Oscar Boudreaux, town engineer. “Do we (repair sewer lines on) Addis Lane in this fiscal budget, or do we put it off for another year and try to repair as much of Addis Place as we can?”

Boudreaux said that he thought the smartest and most fiscally responsible thing to do would be to make repairs on Addis Place first.

Mayor Carroll Bourgeois agreed, saying “Because Addis Place goes to Addis Lane – any improvements you make there is going to take some of the stress off of Addis Lane.”

The special meeting on December 19 will be held to discuss the town’s budget going into the new year.

That meeting will be the final meeting of Mayor Bourgeois as well as long time council member Joseph “Blackie” Landry.

“I just want to thank you for your service to the town of Addis. We’re going to miss ya’ll,” said David Toups, council member and Addis’ mayor-elect. “But don’t stay gone. Come back and see us. We may need some guidance, and I know you’ll be willing to help.”

We had taken money from Peter Messina Road and Addis Place and Addis Lane… If you had to apply your money, maybe Addis Place might be the best place for your money

David Toups

Carroll Bourgeois

Let me assure you, you will get all the guidance you need. Maybe not from Mr. Landry or myself, but you will get plenty of guidance.

Randal Mouch – Parish council member

I wish you a good and safe and happy retirement.

You’re really the only mayor I can remember. I do want to personally thank you for all your help that you’ve given me through the years.

You’ve done a great job.

I’m going to miss you fellas.

With that being said, David, the parish will work with you any way we can. You know that. Just give me a call and whatever we can do to help, we’re always there to help.

There will be a special meeting to discuss the budget on December 19 at 5 p.m.

Oscar Boudreaux discussed sewer issues in the town

History - started with grinder pumps over 20 years ago.

We started this program with a 75 cents on the dollar grant from the fed gov, and yall sought funds from the LCBG for the remaining 25 percent, so the town of Addis started and put a sewer system in for 100 percent grant. As the years went on, we built off of it and we contributed to it from user fees…

Wasn’t until recently that we borrowed money, almost for the first time to make improvements.

The point is, we’ve come a long way. From an engineering standpoin, the grinders really surprised me on how well they’ve done and how long they’ve lasted. I have engineers now that don’t believe in them, but I will say that the town of Addis made a believe out of me.

On Addis Place – right now, the budget’s around 300,000 if we didn’t everything, our construction.

(John will determine which project to do and what not to do)

[About 19 lines have to be dug up and fixed]

There’s some things we can’t let go in that area. We’re going to look at it with John…

The type of wall used at the time was a 

(Pipes were put in in 1979)

CB – 

OB – The ditches have to go down before Addis Place goes down. If we can get Addis Place down, that relieves Addis Lane going to the plant.

***no action to be taken***


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