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Saturday afternoon, Oct 5, supporters of Port Allen Mayor Demetric “Deedy” Slaughter gathered at the corner of Court Street and S. 14th Street to urge passersby to vote against the recall of Slaughter on Nov. 16.

Most of the supporters, including Slaughter herself, donned black and white t-shirts which read, “We Support Mayor Slaughter,” on the front and, “Our Votes Count Against-Recall,” on the back.

The supporters took turns holding anti-recall signs, including a large photo of Slaughter cut from a 2012 campaign banner. They also took turns on the microphone voicing their concerns beneath one of two tents on the corner lot.

The tents housed the food and music that supporters enjoyed throughout the day and doubled as shelter when rain began to fall.

Lifelong resident Kevin Lawrence explained the supporters’ concerns.

“There were incorrect facts that were put out with the beginning of her taking office (in January),” Lawrence said. “There was no malfeasance in office.”

He said Slaughter has abided by the Lawrason Act, the Louisiana law governing the city of Port Allen.

Resident Frederick Everson agreed, saying the mayor has not violated the Lawrason Act.

Everson said he asked three of the city’s council members if Slaughter ever violated any law under the Lawrason Act, adding that those council members, who frequently oppose the mayor, did not answer the question.

He said he now wants to ask the citizens: “Has the mayor violated any law under the Lawrason Act?

“If she did, I’d like to know, too,” he said.

Lawrence said the recall election is “really going to prove who we are.”

He said of the mayor, “You’re going to see where her heart is.”

Slaughter, who also pastors True Worshippers Christian Center in Baton Rouge with her husband, Ronald, spoke of being a people person and wanting to continue to be who she is and move forward despite all the hardships and struggles she has experienced while in office.

She said she came into office abiding by the Lawrason Act, “which seemed to be a change for the council.” She said all the accusations made against her thus far are “not the truth.”

As the rain began to fall and the crowd hurried under the larger of the two tents, Slaughter concluded the interview with thankfulness for her supporters.

“I appreciate everything that they are doing,” she said.

A clipboard with the petition to recall Port Allen Councilman R.J. Loupe also circulated during the event.

West Baton Rouge Inter-Faith Sponsoring Committee spokesperson Castor Brown said the petition has already garnered between 700 and 800 signatures in the one month since its filing with the La. Secretary of State’s office.

It needs 1,284 signatures of registered voters within the city limits of Port Allen.

The petition to recall Loupe came a day after residents Deloris Kibby and Millie Jackson submitted a 256-page, signed petition to recall Slaughter.

West Baton Rouge Parish Registrar of Voters Stacy Ryan certified a total of 1,387 signatures on that petition. Gov. Bobby Jindal called the Nov. 16 election shortly thereafter.

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