Brusly accepts low bid for new police station

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The Brusly Town Council unanimously voted Monday night to reimburse Mayor Joey Normand’s legal fees for unfounded ethics charges.

During the Brusly Town hall meeting on October 14, Normand shared that he was the target of two ethics complaints that were filed several months ago – both of which a judge dismissed due to a lack of foundation.

“One of the charges was that I have an air bottle and that I had people at the town hall fill it back up with air after it was low several times,” Normand said during the meeting. “The other one was there was a catch basin in the front yard of our former town attorney, and we repaired the catch basin 4 or 5 years ago… and it was alleged that the reason that was done was because it was the former town attorney’s home.”

Normand again noted that both charges were dismissed in court due to lack of foundation.

The council also voted Monday to begin taking steps to accept the low bid of $2,761,000 from Stuart & Company for the construction of a new police station.

Brusly Mayor Joey Normand, earlier this year announced that the state would pay 75% of the construction with the Capital Outlay program. Normand said that the low bid will actually save the town of Brusly money.

“The town itself is going to save probably $100,000 off this bid. It was good – it turned out good,” Normand said .

He suggested that the council accept the low bidder contingent on a written statement from the architect that they are the low bidder and they are qualified.

“Also pending the completion of all the state required paperwork to submit them as the low bidder,” Normand said during the meeting. “I think it’d be prudent for us to do that so that the process can move forward.”

Council unanimously agreed to accept the low bid with contingencies.

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