Record voter turnout projected in recall election

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West Baton Rouge Registrar of Voters, Stacy Ryan, said Tuesday morning that she is expecting 75-80% voter turnout in Saturday’s Port Allen mayoral recall election.

Ryan said that the 1,655 early voters that made their way to polls from November 2-9 was the highest number of early votes for any election in the city of Port Allen.

The 1,655 voters is 41% of the 4,055 registered voters in Port Allen.

She said that the previous record was 1,434 early votes.

“The previous highest number was last year’s presidential election when there was multiple items on the ballot,” Ryan said.

She also added that the early voter number is projected to go up as absentee ballots have until Friday to be mailed in.

“With an additional 100-plus absentee-by-mail ballots outstanding, I can safely say I expect that number to top 1,700 before Friday’s deadline,” she said.

Ryan said that upon looking at previous elections, stats anticipated, voters in each precinct, etc., she made her official projection.

“I go back to historical data on turnouts and then you put all that together and crunch some numbers. So we’re looking at about 75%, maybe 80%,” she said.

Ryan said that she understands the historical significance of Saturday’s election, as it is the first time the city has held a recall election, as well as the projected voter numbers being the highest in the city’s history.

“It’s absolutely important to the people of Port Allen,” she said. “It’s one item, that’s it; for or against. It’s a proposition, which in itself is unique.”

Voters polls will open Saturday, November 16, at 7 a.m. and will close at 8 p.m.

Visit for more information on the election, or call the WBR Registrar of Voters office at 336-2421 to find polling locations.

“We’ll be here throughout the entire process, our office will be open,” Ryan said.

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