Addis town employees get four percent raise

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The Addis Town Council agreed, during their January 8 meeting of the Mayor and Town Council, introduced an ordinance that would give the mayor and police chief a four percent salary boost.

The full-time employees of Addis were given a four percent raise during a special meeting held on December 18. During the special meeting, the council passed their 2014 budget. Among the items budgeted was a raise for all full-time employees.

During the January 8 regular meeting the council decided they would afford the mayor and police chief the same percentage raise.

The council will vote, in February, to pass the ordinance that may give the mayor and police chief a four percent raise.

“All the employees of the town got a four percent raise and now they’re coming back to introduce an ordinance to increase the mayor and the chief’s salary by four percent to mirror the (raise) for all the other full-time employees,” Toups said.

Grinder Pumps

The council also agreed, during Wednesday’s meeting, to purchase 10 new sewage grinder pumps for homes in the town.

Addis Mayor David Toups said that in 2012 the town purchased new pumps for $1,538.59 a piece. He said, during the meeting, he has requested to get a price for new pumps, but the price had not yet come in.

“We’re waiting on that quote to come in and I will review the quotes and make sure it’s in order with what we paid in the past,” Toups said, adding that if the quote is too high, he will come back to the council and discuss possibilities.

He said that the price to recondition the pumps that are currently in place would be $850 per pump.

He clarified that the grinder pumps are for individual homes within town limits, and are not an issue that has affected a large number of homes in the town.

The council unanimously approved the purchase of the new pumps.


The council also agreed to authorize Toups to apply for a $35,000 LGAP grant to continue the project to install culverts and catch basins in drainage ditches between First St. and the Union Pacific Railroad tracks.

“It allows me to apply for the grant to get, hopefully, $35,000 to do some drainage work on some of our drainage ditches that we have to take care of,” he said. “It’s easy fire maintenance and it also improves drainage.”

DeBlanc House

The council voted to allow the DeBlanc House, which is on public property in the Town of Addis Railroad Museum and Park, to be donated and moved from the property.

Toups said during the meeting that a Plaquemine man has offered to remove the building at no charge, and move it to Plaquemine where it will be refurbished.

The council introduced an ordinance stating that the house no longer serves a public purpose in Addis and can therefore be removed from the property.

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