Report: Port Allen city council not receiving “adequate financial information”

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A 2011-2012 audit report of the city of Port Allen, as presented by Howard Tull of Brovost, Salter, Harper & Alford LLC, reveals that the city council is not receiving “adequate financial information,” such as monthly reports, because accounts are not being reconciled monthly.

Tull said there was a favorable budget variance for capital outlay by the end of the year. However, he said accounts on the whole were not properly reconciled throughout the 2011-2012 fiscal year, with “numerous transactions posted to improper accounts.”

“During the audit numerous journal entries were required to properly reconcile these accounts,” Tull said.

In October 2012, Chief Financial Officer Audrey McCain requested a budget amendment of $4,500 for post-employee benefits because she said it was required for the current audit. “I was aware of it briefly earlier this year but while I was doing the budget forgot about it,” she said at that time.

Councilwoman Ray Helen Lawrence asked Tull if the inconsistencies with the audit happened throughout the fiscal year.

Tull said yes, and that his firm reported similar findings last year and the year before.

“It’s a continuation of the problem we’ve had,” he said.

Tull recommended, via the audit, monthly financial statements which can be reviewed by the council.

In other news, Councilman R.J. Loupe, who has served as Mayor Pro-Tem for over 20 years, said it is time for him to move on and nominated Councilwoman Ray Helen Lawrence for the position.

The council unanimously approved Lawrence as the new Mayor Pro-Tem. Lawrence said she hopes the council will work as a team.

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