WBR schools to get security plan boosts

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The West Baton Rouge School Board authorized school superintendent David Corona Wednesday evening during the regular WBR School Board Meeting, to meet with authorities about security in schools.

The School Board began discussions about security measures in parish schools during their committee meeting January 14, and continued the discussion during the regular meeting Wednesday. The discussion took place in light of the Newtown, Conn., elementary school shooting in December where a gunman opened fire, killing 26 people including 20 children before killing himself.

The board authorized Corona to meet with the WBR Crisis Response Team Commander to review the individual schools emergency plans and to provide suggested teacher/employee options based on each school facility. The board agreed that, based upon the recommendations, a plan shall be implemented for training school personnel.

Corona thanked the board members for their “proactive stance and position regarding school safety.”

He said that the resolution the board passed “will give us great specific direction to the continuance of intending to protect our children and employees of potential harm.”

During the committee meeting on January 14, law enforcement leaders were on hand to discuss security precautions.

The board also voted to approve a walk-through tour of all parish school facilities on February 16.

Corona said that during the walk-through of WBR schools, a member of the WBR Crisis Response Team will be on hand to help begin developing plans at each campus in the event an active shooter situation.

“Knowing and buying time and providing options to just lockdowns can lead to better outcomes,” Corona said. “Because of your foresight in (school safety), it’s begun talk of things that can help. I think that’s exactly what the (resolution) will do.

“We’re already on the path to creating 

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