Brusly’s Schermer brothers land scholarships to Iowa Lake

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Two former Brusly High School wrestlers who established themselves among Louisiana’s elite grapplers will now vie for the same success on the national level.

Austin and Trevor Schermer – the only brothers to both win four state wrestling championships in the history of Louisiana high school wrestling – announced Monday they will compete for Iowa Lakes Community College in Estherville, Iowa, just south of the Minnesota border.

The chance to attend the same college figured high on the priority list for both wrestlers.

“We wanted it that way because we’ve been training partners, we know each other … we’re not strangers,” said Austin, who finished his career 196-24.

The reputation of the program – even after only five years – also figured into the plan, said Trevor, who finished 189-27.

They chose Iowa Lake both because of the school’s reputation and the penchant for great wrestling in that area of the country.

“Iowa is a hotbed for wrestling,” said Trevor, who compiled a high school record of 189-27. “The school has a returning national champion and returning All-Americans – it sounds almost like a collegiate version of Brusly High School.”

The Iowa Lake wrestling program began only five years ago, but already boasts three national champions and 15 All-Americans.

The scholarship came just days after Trevor graduated and two years since Austin finished high school.

Austin had a brief stint in college after his 2012 graduation from BHS. He then took a break from college and went into the workforce.

Two years of work on a pipeline convinced Austin he needed a college education.

“I’m pursuing a career and my dream of wrestling, so I’m grateful I have a second chance,” he said. “Seeing people 50-years-old in the same line of work all those years, with no retirement and no benefits is not what I want for myself.

“I want something with a future,” Austin said.

The chance to make an impact in collegiate wrestling also influenced their decision.

“I want to prove to people I can win a national title,” Austin said. “To do it after two years would be big, not only for me and my family, but for my friends, supporters and everyone who has helped me along the way.”

The chance to work with wrestlers from other parts of the country also intrigues the two BHS graduates, both natives of Grand Rapids, Mich.

“It makes you better than you’d be in your hometown where everyone learns the same technique,” Austin said. “Wrestlers from different states have different techniques, and while you may not be able to mimic the exact moves, the things it helps you tweak can maybe help you win a national title.

“I’ve always been told you’re always as good as your training partner can push you,” he said. “Trevor and I couldn’t stand losing to each other, so in that way we kept pushing each other to be the best.”

Trevor holds the same aspirations as his older brother. He also hopes he and Austin hope they can use their experience in Iowa to enhance the Brusly program.

“It’s hard to walk away from a team when we’ve brought each other a lot of success, but we want to come back in help,” he said. “We want to come back, work with those kids and teach them what we’ve learned.”

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