PAHS powerlifters aim to uphold winning tradition

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A couple of milestones loom as an incentive this year for the Port Allen High school powerlifting team.

The 2013 season marks the first year under the sanction of the Louisiana Hgih School Athletic Association. A state championship for either team would make them the first ever to earn that distinction.

“It would be very nice to win the first win,” coach Brian Bizette said.

For the girls, who won the 2012 state championship, it offers seniors Megan Mazochette and DiMiya Claiborne a special place in school history.

Mazochette and Claiborne could become the first lifters on the team to win state championships all four years.

“We’re hoping all goes as plan for those girls,” Bizette said. “But everything has to line up. Kids have to be discipline, make weight specifications and do well in the final workouts,

“They have to have a great meet to achieve that,” he said. “For a state title, you have to have a great focus point and a great meet.”

The girls head into the season with three consecutive state titles and a streak of five regional titles.

Eleven girls comprise the girls squad, and five on the boys team.

Bizette expressed optimism, particularly about the girls.

“They’re stronger this year than last year, as far as the numbers they’re putting up,” he said. “I have more than I had last year, so it’s exceeding my expectations.”

Bizette said he’ll do anything he can to get the best performance from his lifters – or, almost anything.

He put his hair on the line last season as a challenge for the girls to win the state championship. At the end of the season, Bizette full head of dark brown hair was reduced to stubble.

“I’m not cutting my hair again,” he said. “My wife said if I do that again, we won’t do a family picture.”

The lifters head into regional competition Feb. 23 in Walker and state competition March 15 in West Monroe.

Here’s a list of winners from the last weekend’s Walker Invitational.

De’Maya Claiborne (first) - 645 lbs/114 lb Wt Class

Jaida Murphy (first)- 505 lbs/ 105 lb Wt Class

Tyzhanique Montague (first) - 640 lbs / 132 lb Wt Class

Destine Snearl (first) - 635 lbs / 220 lb Wt Class

Megan Mazzochette (second) - 790 lbs/ 198 lb Wt Class

Rebeckah Tucker (second) -475 lbs / 105 lb Wt Class

Tyquinciya Reed (second) - 705 lbs / 165 lb Wt Class

Brittny Wilson (second) - 965 lbs / 220 + lb Wt Class

Gina Mazzochette (third) - 675 lbs / 181 lb Wt Class

Raven Nichols (third) -775 lbs / 220 + lb Wt Class

Kaitlyn Smith (second) - 665 lbs / 148 lb Wt Class

Outstanding Lifter: Brittny Wilson


Justin Franklin (first) - 830 lbs / 114 lb Wt Class

Ledarius Williams (second) - 1230 lbs / 181 lb Wt Class

Joshua Vance (third)- 1175 lbs/ 165 lb Wt Class

Patrick Banks (fifth) 725 lbs /132 lb Wt Class

Jeremy Paul (seventh) — 875 lbs / 148 lb Wt Class

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