Port Allen High School football program plans to relaunch booster club

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The Big Blue Bunch wants to make a comeback at Port Allen High School.

A meeting July 2 will address the plans to reorganize the booster club for the PAHS football program.

The meeting will be held at 6 p.m. in the Port Allen High School Cafeteria.

Work is already underway to seek a 501(c) 3, which allows a federal non-profit charter.

“We’re excited about it,” Port Allen coach Guy Blanchard said. “

The PAHS non-profit corporation “The Big Blue Bunch” started in 1977, but the group dissolved in 1997 when officials did not update 501(c) 3.

“That’s why we’re in the process of reapplying,” Blanchard said. “We’re staring from the ground up.”

Members will decide on board members at the first meeting.

The group will concentrate on the football program, he said.

“It may evolve into something where we can look at other sports, but for right now it’s a football booster club,” Blanchard said. “It’s like a Quarterback Club.”

The football program receives no operating revenue from the school.

The program generates its funding through admission to games, as well as game guides sold at the gate.

Concession proceeds go to the school, Blanchard said.

Port Allen has been more successful now than it has been for a very long time he said. “But the operational costs get higher and higher.”

Helmets cost around $250, plus shoulder pads run around $200.

“We haven’t even gotten to the rest of the gear,” Blanchard said.

In addition, the program spends $3,000 each year for paint alone for the field, and another $4,000 for officials.

“Even before you play your first game of the season, you’re already $7,000 in the hole,” Blanchard said. “The school board has been great to us and has helped us any way it could, but it’s time for us to take some action.”

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