Port Allen High: marching to championships

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Port Allen’s marching band has joined the Louisiana Marching Band Circuit and will compete in several regional events as they try to qualify for the state championships.

If successful, the PAHS Band of Blue will compete for the LMBC Class A State Championship November 2.

According to band director William Mulina, this year's show is taking the band in a more competitive direction.

The show, entitled "From the Earth to the Moon," traces human flight from Kitty Hawk to Apollo 11. The band is adding a pit, front sideline musical instruments, to add color and suspense to the show.

The band boasts over 50 members this year, mostly juniors and seniors, 11 of which are color guard members under the instruction of Amy Triche. Last spring, the guard competed in winter guard competitions and came in 4th place out of 16 guards in the novice class.

The band has also recently hired a percussion instructor, Micah Blouin, who will oversee the battery; on field percussion; and the pit, off field percussion.

The Band of Blue has been meeting for practice since June, and members are now participating in a two week band camp at Port Allen High School.

“It provides an opportunity for the staff to have the kids focus on just the show and music with no distractions,” Mulina said. “The student leaders are responsible for the day to day operation of the band. From setting up equipment, taking roll, teaching fundamentals, they do it all. The staff is there for guidance, but I like to run a student oriented program.”

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  • Guest (Amy)


    Thank you for showcasing not only our students, but their hard work and talents. This is a great affirmation for them as they continue to take pride in what they do to represent the greater community of West Baton Rouge with great esteem.

  • Guest (Lee Ann Roe)


    Thank you for this wonderful article. I am a proud parent of one of these amazing band members and also a member of their booster organization. They really do work hard and would sincerely want the support of the Port Allen and West Baton Rouge community.

  • Guest (janicefer)


    The kids in this band is hardworking and talented they give there all and it would be nice if some of the audience. In the crowd will respect them and all there efforts every child is great I wish the band well my son is on there drum line with lots of amazing friends. And great parents;);)

  • Guest (Tyliana Jones)


    Port Allen Highs marching band and Colorgaurd are full of awesome, cool, funny and nice people. I was in the Port Allen High School Marching Band Circuit and they were so awesome. We all are one big family . We share laughs, pain ,and everything that comes with being able to do our best and achieve our goals. Yea, we won state championships , but it was much more than that it was a big happy family that worked really hard to get where we are today . Even though I'm not in band anymore their still my family and I love them very much.

  • Guest (Campbell)


    The dedication found at Port Allen High is remarkable and the students also involve themselves to gain pride to the institution and for them as well. I have personally seen my daughter learning a lot through essay writer online to gain extensive information about the activities she is involved in. Fortunately, her successes and applause from others were cherished by both of us. I love the band and I love the innocence with which their passions are enumerated to the society.

  • Guest (SarahForman)


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