Panthers look sharp in Thursday scrimmage

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Some say two out of three isn’t bad, but it’s not the case for a football team with eyes on championships.

Brusly head football coach Erik Willis sounded very upbeat when he discussed his team’s showing in Thursday’s scrimmage against Broadmoor.

The offense looked sharp and the defense stayed aggressive.

Darien Cobbs scored at the goal line to cap a 14-play drive, while Blake Manola chalked a TD on a keep off read-option play from 15 yards.

“Both of them looked very good,” Willis said. “Blake has really found his comfort zone, and he’s throwing the ball well, while Darien looked great on both sides of the ball.”

But one important area didn’t look so “special.”

The Panther special teams looked inconsistent at times against the Buccaneers in a contest that finished with two touchdowns apiece for both teams.

Broadmoor scored both times off breakdowns on Panther special teams. The first came off a blocked punt and the other off a fumbled punt inside the Brusly 15.

“We weighed in more on special teams in this scrimmage, something I never have done my entire career,” Willis said.

The special team snafus did not negate his overall outlook on the team.

The Panthers moved the ball effectively against Broadmoor and limited yardage for the Buccaneers.

“I thought the other two phases were areas in which we played really well,” Willis said. “If it wasn’t for those couple of mistakes on special teams, I’d feel very good about the scrimmage.

“In fact, I still feel very good about our chances this season,” he said. 

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