Brusly High dominates Fountainebleau at Live Oak Jamboree

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Friday night, the Brusly Panthers blanked the Fontainebleau Bulldogs 36-0 at the Live Oak Jamboree. The Panthers’ victory was a result of their hard work.

“I told you to shine tonight and to give it your all, and that’s what you did,” head coach, Erik Willis, told his players at the close of the 36-0 blowout.

After a bit of a slow start for both teams, the Panthers began gaining momentum with a 40-yard run by Kade Tolar, which assisted quarterback Blake Manola to score the first touchdown of the game.

Fontainebleau was unable to make much progress down the field, especially after a near interception by Darien Turner and big tackles by Austin Watts, Sam Williams, and Joseph Fishburn. The Panthers’ strong defense only allowed the Bulldogs to cross the 50-yard line a few times.

“We got stronger as we went on,” Coach Willis said. “They started to burn out, and we were just getting started.”

After a fumble by Brusly on their own 28-yard line, Fontainebleau recovered the ball and advanced to the 25-yard line. An offsides penalty against Brusly landed their opponents on the 20, however the Panthers were able to put an end to Fontainebleau’s advancement on the drive’s 4th down.

Just before halftime, Deven Hammond returned a Fountainebleau punt 60 yards, allowing Carlsel Alexander to score another touchdown for Brusly on the following play, bringing the score to 15-0.

In the second half, Brusly widened the gap on the scoreboard beginning with an 85-yard sprint into the endzone by Hammond, giving the Panthers a 22-point lead over the Bulldogs.

After Manola broke through the Fontainebleau defensive line to give the Panthers another first down, Sam Williams ran more than 50 yards for another touchdown for Brusly with 6:23 still remaining on the clock.

Again, Fontainebleau failed to make it into the end zone after a pass was intercepted by Brusly’s Darien Turner at the Panthers’ 30-yard line.

After an overpitch to Manola on a 3rd down, the Panther’s fell short of a first down and were forced to punt; however, the Bulldogs muffed the punt return, allowing Brusly to recover the ball. With 47 seconds left on the clock, Darien Cobbs scored the final touchdown for the Panthers.

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