Plaquemine defeats Lady Pels in five matches

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Port Allen’s Lady Pels volleyball team took on Plaquemine’s Lady Devils in Volleyball Tuesday, September 3rd at Port Allen. After Port Allen’s junior varsity won 2 of their 3 matches, the varsity team made its way to the floor. After five intense duels, the Lady Devils came out with the victory.

In the first match, Plaquemine had the lead, 3-2, but the Lady Pels were able to tie it up 5-5. Plaquemine took the lead again 10-8, but after an assist by Kassirer Dunn and a spike by Kaylan Dunn, the Pels brought the score to an even 11 on both sides. Blocks by Rhea Lee and Monica Gordon helped the ladies get the upper hand and end the match with a win for Port Allen, 25-20.

Plaquemine and Port Allen began the second match tied 1-1. A dive from Rhenell Lee proved to be worth the effort, achieving another point for the Pels. Plaquemine quickly began running up the scoreboard 13-7, leaving Port Allen behind. Lee served a series of points, nearly catching the Pels up 17-18. Despite Lee’s multiple digs in a long volley, Plaquemine earned the point and overall the match with a score off 22-25, Plaquemine.

PAHS began the third match in the lead, 3-1. A spike by Gordon earned the Lady Pels a fourth point. Hannah Daigle served up two more points, 6-3, but the Lady Devils fought back, bringing the score 8-8. Plaquemine continued to score again and again, hardly allowing the Pels a chance to defend themselves. The third match ended with a score of 9-25, Plaquemine.

Kaylan Dunn scored Port Allen’s first point of the match with a spike. Daigle scored a series of serves that Plaquemine was unable to return, earning numerous points for the Lady Pels. Port Allen took the lead 8-4, but Plaquemine caught up bringing the score 9-9. Lee served Port Allen to 12-10, putting the Lady Pels in the lead again. Lee, Jamie Perkins, & Claudia Arceneaux prevented Plaquemine from scoring with big digs. Kaylan Dunn served two aces in a row putting 18-13 on the scoreboard with Port Allen in the lead. Both Monica Gordon and Kassirer Dunn earned a point by tipping the ball just over the net, leaving the Lady Devils scrambling for a return. Cambre Pollard delivered an ace for game point. Port Allen fought hard for the final point, ending the game 25-19 in Port Allen’s favor.

The final match began with Plaquemine in the lead 2-1. Arceneaux served an ace to tie it 2-2. A tip by Daigle racked up another point for PAHS, but it wasn’t enough to keep the Lady Pels in the lead. Plaquemine was ahead 7-3. Claudia Arceneaux scored for the Lady Pels with a dig and Kassirer Dunn with a backwards pass, however the match ended with a 15-8 win for Plaquemine.

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