Prayers for Azalee: Pels show support for local girl

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Six year-old Azalee Carroll, a student at Chamberlin Elementary, is being represented every Friday night by Port Allen’s football team.

Azalee was diagnosed with stage four Neuroblastoma last year, the day before her fifth birthday.

After overcoming her battle with cancer, Azalee relapsed a few weeks ago and is now back at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital in Memphis, Tennessee.

Azalee’s uncle, Austin Carroll, a senior wide receiver on the Pelicans football team told head coach Guy Blanchard about his niece’s relapse. The coach shared the news with the rest of the team.

“We like to be an open team,” said Blanchard.

Once Austin’s teammates heard about Azalee, they wanted to help and lend their support.

“Some of the seniors came to me and asked if there was something we could do,” shared Blanchard. “I thought about it and said, ‘I know what we can do.’”

Blanchard decided to make the 6-year-old a member of the Pelicans team and family as well as create a special sticker to place on each Pel helmet in support of her cancer battle.

“Coach decided to adopt her and bring her into our family,” said Austin Carroll. “We pray for her every day after practice and after every game.”

Blanchard added, “After adopting her into our prayers, I came up with the idea to do the stickers.”

Every teammate now sports a “Prayers for Azalee” sticker on the back of their helmets. Even the coaching staff wears the stickers to show their support.

“We’ll be wearing them all season until she beats it again,” said Blanchard.

In response to the football team’s support, Austin said he’s thankful for everybody helping and supporting his family.

Azalee’s mother, Amanda Carroll, said “it melts my heart for her to have that much support while going through this trial. As a mom, I can’t put it into words. It just makes my heart happy. They have no idea how much it means to her. It means the world to Azalee.

“She loves her uncle Austin so much. She smiles real big when I tell her how the football team is praying for her. We appreciate the Pelicans supporting and praying for her.”

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  • Guest (Jo Ann Bucholtz)


    That smile just melts my heart! I love how the football team has adopted Azalee. If others in the area would like to help Azalee and her family with medical expenses, please plan to attend the "Rainbow Run for Azalee" on November 2nd at Port Allen High School. In addition to the colorful 5K Fun Run/Walk, there will also be a blood drive, raffles, auction, t-shirt sale, dunking booth with teachers and coaches, and jambalaya lunch sale. Call Shellie at 387-0382 to get involved.

  • Guest (Cheryl Carroll Grahamc)

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    Shellie I want to participate in this activity for Azalee. Please provide your area code so that I can call you. I did try already but no one answered I used 225 area code don't know if that is right.

  • Guest (Trista Rodriguez)



    from Melville, LA 71353, USA
  • Guest (Jeannie Waites)


    Absolutely amazingly wonderful support from the team for an absolutely amazingly wonderful Azalee!

  • Guest (Cheryl Graham)


    I love this story, Love you Austin for getting the whole team onboard! The 5k run sounds like a great event maybe I will make the trip to Port Allen for that!!!

    from Milton, FL, USA
  • Guest (Angela Marasco-Hollingsworth)


    CHEF (Christian Home Educators Fellowship) in West Memphis, AR have you Azalee and Amanda on our Prayer Chain List as well as Trinity Baptist Church in W. Memphis, AR and many other churches throughout our town and across the tri-state area. We are praying GOD wraps you in His loving arms and carries you through this difficult time.

  • Any update on Azalee ? I would love to know how is she doing now. My heart goes out for her and her family.

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