Brusly dominates in-parish rival Port Allen

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Thursday, September 26, Port Allen’s Lady Pels took on the Lady Panthers at Brusly High. The Lady Panthers took the victory in the junior varsity game

as well as all three varsity matches.

Brusly’s varsity team earned the first point of the first match. A kill by the Panthers’ Johnee LeBlanc gained another point for the home team. With Brusly ahead 4-1, Port Allen was able to tie them 4-4 after Port Allen’s Rhenell Lee served an ace. LeBlanc scored 3 points with 3 consecutive spikes, putting Brusly back in the lead. Caitlyn Williams managed to get 2 kills on the Lady Pels, adding to Brusly’s lead. With the Lady Pels unable to return Keeley Martin’s consecutive serves, including 3 aces, the Lady Panthers ran up the score 17-6. Martin served half of Brusly’s points, leaving Port Allen playing defense the majority of the game. The first match concluded with a score of 25-7.

The second match began with Port Allen in the lead 2-1. Hannah Daigle served an ace for the Lady Pels, scoring the Pelicans’ third point. A kill by Johnee LeBlanc and an ace by Chloe Richard tied the teams 3-3.

A spike and a remarkable save by Kaylan Dunn, both earning points for Port Allen, weren’t enough for the Pels to get ahead. Brusly’s 9-8 lead quickly escalated to an 18-12 lead after an ace by Martin and spikes by Caitlyn Williams, Brianna Granville, and Johnee LeBlanc. Port Allen’s Brittney Glosup made a big save for the Pelicans and Monica Gordon’s spike earned a point for Port Allen.

Two kills by Williams brought the Panthers to game point, and an ace served by Martin scored the game winning point, ending the game 25-17.

The Lady Panthers started the third and final match ahead 2-1. Kaylan Dunn’s tip got another point for the Pelicans, while Abigail Eilers served an ace for the Panthers. After a lengthy volley including a block by Lee, and a save by Gordon, ultimately a spike by Williams earned the point for Brusly. A tip and a spike by Shelby Willis scored two more points for the home team, bringing the score 7-5.

Martin served another series of points for the Panthers including one ace, and Williams delivered two more spikes and a kill for Brusly. Kylie Tolar served an ace, giving the Panthers a 15-8 lead over the Pelicans. Richard served up an ace for the Panthers and Willis followed up with a spike for a point.

Another intense volley occurred in which Claudia Arceneaux kept the ball in play after digging Williams’ spike. A combined block executed by Gordon & Lee earned the point for the Pelicans, but it was not enough for Port Allen to come back.

The match ended 25-14.

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