Lady Pels’ playoff push ends in first round

Written by Claire Chenevert on .

Thursday, November 7th, the Lady Pels played their first and only playoff match of the season against St. Thomas Aquinas in Hammond.

“I’m proud we made it to the playoffs,” said Head Coach Wayne Conaway. “I didn’t expect it to happen; I was surprised we made it, so I’m very happy about that. We’ve been to playoffs the last seven years in a row, and we kept the streak alive. We didn’t always play the best, but at least we made it. That’s something to be proud of.”

The first game began with the Falcons leading 8-5. A block by Monica Gordon followed by a double block by Gordon and Rhea Lee scored a point for the Pelicans, but the Falcons quickly took control and ran up the score 21-8. St. Thomas Aquinas finished the game 25-8.

Port Allen started the next game with a 3-0 lead. Saves by Claudia Arceneaux and Mikayla Williams kept the ball in play, and the Lady Pels were able to earn another point. A tip by Rhea Lee gave the Pelicans a 5-4 lead, but St. Thomas Aquinas jumped ahead 16-6. Lee scored again for Port Allen with a spike, but ultimately the Falcons won 25-10.

A combined block by Kassier Dunn and Rhea Lee scored the first point of the third game. Another block by Makayla Johnson and Monica Gordon tied the teams 3-3. The Falcons took an 18-11 lead and concluded the third game 25-12, and ending the Lady Pelicans’ season.

“Hopefully things will be better next season,” said Conaway. “I knew coming in it would be a very difficult season after losing so many seniors last year, but we’ll have a better team next year because the girls will have more experience.”

The Lady Pels finished their season with a 10-20 overall record and tied for third in their district.

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