Missing the touch of a frosty football

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It’s nearing the end of August, which means I’ve lived in the beautiful state of Louisiana for a little more than a year now.

As much as I love this state, a part of me still longs for the short brisk winter days which are just around the corner in my former Yankee homeland, Washington State (which, by the way, is experiencing some hellacious forest fires this summer, if you didn’t know).


Bulldogs meet Jaguars at Fan Day

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Westside Bulldogs players and coaches met the Southern University Jaguars players and head coach, Dawson Odums, at Fan Day 2015, Aug. 15. Coach Odums and his players offered the Bulldog  players words of encouragement and good luck on a great upcoming season.  Photos courtesy of Westside Bulldogs

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Pels volleyball making early strides

Written by John Dupont on .

Robyn Butler watched closely and intently as her Port Allen volleyball team tangled in an inner-scrimmage Monday, Aug. 17 – and she liked what she saw.

The puzzle pieces are coming together for the young Lady Pelicans, who Butler has overseen since the start of summer.

“I’m very proud of these girls,” she said. “I remember how they looked at tryouts and what I’ve seen now, with the conditioning for the proper strength and skills to get better.  - they’re showing that today.”.

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