The Heart Test: Hallowed be thy Name

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Matthew 6:9

The heart test validates or checks the attitude of our hearts when we pray.

v. 5-6) Jesus rejects performance prayers. Performance prayers are prayers that are said in order to impress others.

v. 7-8) Jesus rejects idol prayers. Idol prayers are performed in order to impress God.

v. 9-15) Jesus teaches them how to pray in a way that pleases God.

This will be the focus of our lesson for the next few articles and determine how the attitude of our heart lines up.

Hallowed means to make holy or let His holiness be exalted. I remember growing up and being taught to pray the Lord’s Prayer. While it was good being taught the ways of God, I never really understood that it wasn't just a prayer recitation.

The Lord’s Prayer is God’s will for His sons and daughters; for their Father’s purpose to be accomplished in their lives! What great pleasure can that be to a father, than for his children to want their father’s legacy to live on through their life situations?

Since we now know that the Heart Test is the attitude of our heart before God, let’s ask ourselves the following: Do we have a genuine concern for the Lord’s will to be exalted above every situation in our lives? Are we just doing enough religious practices to appease our religious conscious?

Hopefully we are not grading our own papers! Let God check our hearts! The true condition of our heart is genuinely seen through life’s afflictions.

Most of us holler or praise God’s name when He blesses us, but to bless Him when He takes away shows the true attitude of our hearts. The heart that pleases God desires His Name to be exalted in the joy or pain that life brings!

Job said it best, “Naked, came I out of my mother's womb, and naked shall I return thither: the Lord gave, and the Lord hath taken away; blessed be the name of the Lord.”(Job 1:21)

If you’re in that season in your life where it seems God is taking away, be encouraged; He only takes away so you can bear more fruit! May your heart’s desire be for His name to be glorified where ever you are!

My prayer is that you lift your voice to the King of Kings and Praise Him!!

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