Hide Away with God

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In order to spend intimate time with someone, we often hide ourselves away from others and the busy-ness of our world so that we can be alone with that person.

We create an atmosphere and an environment that is conducive to communicating without interruption. True intimacy requires isolation. It requires that you be hidden from distractions and disruptions so that real communication can take place.

My favorite definition of intimacy is to “come-in-to-me-and-see.” It is allowing another individual to come in to your hidden parts and see who you really are. This takes time and patience; and it requires privacy.

God longs for us to spend intimate time with Him. He longs to be alone with us – far away from the distractions that fill our day. If we desire to enter into God and truly see who He is, then it is necessary to dedicate time to be alone with Him. During these hidden times of intimacy, God does a personal work within the heart.

As we read His word in these private moments, He explains it to us. As we express our thoughts and feelings to Him, He shares His thoughts and feelings with us. We often emerge with more of an understanding of His word, and the strength to face difficulties and challenges. God will also give us solutions to problems that we have. The possibilities are endless in the presence of God. Remember that communication requires interaction. You must put yourself in a position to communicate with the Father so that He can speak to your heart regarding the specifics of your life.

Establishing intimacy with God is easy. We must simply create an environment in which there are no distractions or interruptions. Disabling all devices that can divert our attention is essential. Then, simply begin to tell Him how you feel about Him. Speak from the heart.

There is no right or wrong communication style when it comes to you and God. He will converse with you in a manner that you are accustomed to. Be honest with Him and He will be honest with you.

God loves us so much. He desires to reveal himself to us. He also wants to reveal us to ourselves. He wants us to understand who we are and why we are here. He can only do this if we are willing to spend intimate time with Him.

He wants to hide in a secret place with us and talk to us. He wants to encourage us, instruct us, guide us, and teach us. He longs to be alone with us.

What kind of a relationship do you have with God? Is He a close friend or a distant acquaintance? You will never develop a close relationship with the Lord unless you invest time and effort in getting to know Him. Don’t allow the demands of life to rob you of an intimate relationship with the Lord. Clear your calendar. Silence your devices. Hide yourself away from distractions and go in to see who God really is.

Allow Him to show you who you really are.

Let your heart sing as David sang in Psalm 63:1 (MSG) God – you’re my God! I can’t get enough of you! I’ve worked up such a hunger and thirst for God, …”

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