Maintaining the Flame

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“. . . the smart virgins took jars of oil to fuel their lamps.” Matthew 25:1-13

We are in the closing days of the church age and the sand in the hour glass is few.

If the urgency of Jesus’ returning is not in your heart, it will not be in your voice or preparation. We are called to warn those who live in danger of not being ready to meet Jesus, we cannot “slumber or sleep.”

If a Roman soldier fell asleep on his watch, he would be executed because of his lack of responsibility.

Isaiah 56:10 describes the watchman on the wall as “blind . . . ignorant . . . dumb dogs . . . they cannot bark, sleeping.”  

I’m encouraging every Christian to not spiritually fall asleep or lose your bark! A real guard dog’s bark describes what he is, his “woof” is bold. Many dogs have no real bark, all they do is eat and lie around all day. They are always looking for someone to pet them or scratch their itch, and it’s ridiculous to see barrettes, bows, and painted nails on a dog! They trip over themselves and back up in fear if you stomp your foot too hard.

Wake up church! Where is your bark?   Where is your oil? You are God’s witness! Your lamp must burn bright and continuously!

Be like the “smart virgins” who are prepared and fearless because they have plenty oil for their lamps.

A friend of mine prophesied to an oil tycoon in Arabia to go back to a previously drilled oil site that was dried up. Reluctantly he did, and to his technological amazement he found oil where there was once none.

Scientists released data months later that the earth had tilted by a micro margin which allowed oil to run back to the empty reservoir.  

The earth is filled with oil; we just have to discover its location. Today we are actually growing oil, and the pressure on organic deposits in the earth is making oil as we speak. There is enough oil in North America to put the Middle East out of business, but governments restrict the oil to create a need and put fear in people.

My prayer is you would realize there’s no shortage of the oil of God’s power for your life. Don’t allow the enemy, your past, or troubling circumstances to keep you from exploring the vastness of God’s goodness.

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