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Written by Michael A. Otkins Sr. on .

This Cornerstone Column originally appeared in the West Side Journal in April 2012

We live in a rapid society where everything appears to be based on an expeditious response.

If it’s not swift, then our composure, coolness, and capacity to endure without complaint become difficult. Therefore, the world help satisfy our sudden pace by offering accelerated benefits for a snappy society. For example, we have fast food restaurants, car washes, oil changes, speed dials on phones, microwave dinners, just to name a few.

However, Jesus Christ, the very Son of God, found it necessary to have definite and extended periods of fellowship alone with His father. Who could be busier than He? His day was filled from morning to night speaking to crowds, healing, holding private interviews, traveling and training His disciples; yet He found it necessary to have time alone with God. God wants us to establish a consistent and effective daily devotion with him.

A devotional moment with the Master is vitally important for spiritual growth and guidance.

Three crucial principles to spending meaningful moments with the Master.

1. Establish a Definite Time: Never be too busy for prayer and the study of God’s Word. Do not think about your next responsibility. Concentrate on your fellowship with the Lord. A definite time every day will do much to help. Anticipate meeting God.

2. Estimate a Determine Time: How many minutes can you set aside daily for your time with God? If you can’t find time for God, maybe you’re too busy! Someone said a brief period with concentration is better than a long devotional time with our mind on many things.

3. Enact a Dynamic Time: Time with the Master is not wasted time. Abiding in Christ is the key to Christian experience by which the divine attributes are transplanted into human souls to the transforming of character and conduct. Abiding in him brings lasting joy which enable you to live stress free in a swift society. In closing, Isaiah 40:21-31, helps us to understand what to do when everything around us is moving fast. Slow down, set aside time for Bible study, prayer, personal worship, and quiet meditation. You will be amazed at how much time you lost by being in a hurry.

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