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As some of you may have noticed, it’s not often, nowadays, that I write a column.

Lately there’s been several reasons for my absence from the Opinion page, but none so prevalent than the fact that I simply have not had the time to sit, think, and actually write a thought I deem worthy of sharing.

But something happened to me recently - I was presented with an extraordinary opportunity - and I thought it was something I absolutely must share.

I’ll give you a few details, but the short of it is that I am going to Africa for a week!

Here’s the story:

People love getting their photo taken – as a photographer, I can attest to that.

Though I’ve only been out of the United States a couple of times (two missions trips to Mexico in my high school days), I have heard of, and seen, many instances of a photographer breaking out his/her equipment and almost immediately being mobbed by people asking for their photo to be taken. I’ve seen several documentaries where groups of people follow a person, simply for the possibility of being captured on camera.

Well, I was recently connected with another photographer/videographer/media professional in Baton Rouge who shared with me an incredible idea to use the fact that people love getting their photos taken and our love of photography and combining them to glorify God and fulfill the Biblical Great Commission of “going and making disciples.”

My friend came up with an idea I’m about to share with you and asked me if I’d like to join him in his task/mission/adventure/whatever else you’d like to call it. I said yes.

The two of us are going to travel to Africa in September for a week and a half with our photography equipment, laptops, and battery operated, portable printers. We are going to go into several small villages in the African country we choose (we are looking at either Cameroon or Uganda) and finding a central location in the village and breaking out or photography equipment. When a person comes to us asking for us to take a photo, we will do just that – then we will print the photo and give it to them to keep. So, if all goes as planned, each person will be very happy to have an actual photo of themselves, something that not all people have in these remote villages.

On the backs of the photos, from the paper we will print on, there will be printed a message of the gospel, in their language, as well as directions to a local church where they can get connected and discipled.

I thought it was a brilliant idea that has so many components that I love – Africa, photography, people, missions, God - and with all of the components presented to me, I felt there was no way that I could turn down such an opportunity!

It’s a trip I’m very excited about, and wanted to share with each of you.

I don’t often share these types of things in the paper, but because of the love I have for the WBR area, I was excited to share my news with you. If you’d like to stay up to date on my trip, visit my website -

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