Praise the Lord!

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As I began to prepare this column today, I looked up at one of the shelves in my office and noticed 14 different Bibles, everything from devotional Bibles to ones that I had when I first started following Christ, to ones that people had given and even ones that I had used when I first started serving the Lord vocationally.

There are several different versions as well, some that I use a lot and others that I glance at occasionally.

So, go get your Bible, and turn with me to Psalm 150. Take a moment to get it and read the entire chapter. It is not very long, but it is chock full of truth.

In these six verses, the psalmist admonishes us to praise the Lord 13 different times. As I read through this passage, I was reminded of the various ways that we can offer praise to the Lord.

We are encouraged to praise the Lord in His sanctuary and in the mighty heavens. I realize that there are good theological arguments that say that everywhere is the Lord’s sanctuary, but I want to focus that a little more, to the local sanctuary, where you go to church.

We are to praise the Lord in our churches, but also out in the world as well. The psalmist says that we are to praise the Lord for His acts of power and His surpassing greatness.

Take a look around you and see all that the Lord has done, and you will realize the only proper response to all those things is to praise the Lord.

As the psalmist lists the various instruments, I can’t help but think of the various ways these instruments are used. The trumpet is loud and distinct, and the harp and lyre are more subtle and serene. The strings and the flute work in unison with one another to make melodious and rich symphonies. The dance and tambourine are personal and unique, like expressions that come from within who we are.

The Book of Psalms is closed with these words, “Praise the Lord.”

The question is not if we are to do it, the question is really, how are we to do it?

As mentioned above, there are a myriad of ways that we can praise the Lord, but ultimately, we praise the Lord through our actions and our attitudes.

So, whether you praise the Lord with the joyfulness of a trumpet, or the subtlety and grace of a harp, let your life praise the Lord.

We would love to have you join us as we worship the Lord this Sunday.

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