Do you know what your pastor believes?

Written by Tom Shepard on .

There is a trend, sadly, whereby pastors who have a theology that may not be along the lines of mainstream Christianity, are getting into churches by simply being “ambiguous” about what they believe.

Now don’t get me wrong, if you want to worship the red striped tree frog of South Africa, that is all well and good as long as you knew what you were getting into when you joined that particular church (Of course this is tongue in cheek).

However there is indeed an alarming trend of ministers who are purposefully being ambiguous about their theology because they knowingly are going into a church that perhaps does not follow along their same lines of theology.

In their minds they are going in to “enlighten” the brethren of their misled beliefs. However stepping into a church that does not believe exactly what the particular pastor in question believes, and who if they (the church) knew what he believed may not hire him at all… This, then, becomes an ethical issue.

Masking their theology behind intellectualism or the idea that you simply are not quite spiritual enough to grasp these so called “truths,” is dishonest.

If your pastor cannot explain his belief to you at the level a fifth grader can understand, then there is a problem. The gospel is not that hard to understand, and mucking it up with three-dollar words, that would cause one to shrug and say to themselves, “huh, I guess I am just not smart enough to understand all of this Bible stuff,” is a travesty.

It is important to ask your pastor simple questions and have them explain why they believe what they believe. If they are ambiguous or answer “I teach from the historical doctrines of our faith,” or use another such evasive answer, ask him which doctrines and from where does he get them.

Quoting from men’s traditions and men’s philosophies should be a red flag for you. Any pastor worth his salt will use scripture to validate what he believes and it will be easily understood.

There needs to be a movement back toward the 1st century model church. We need to be “Biblicist,” not Calvinist, or Arminian… Just simply a “Biblicist.”

A Biblicist is a three-dollar word for, “I am not going to teach anything that contradicts the Bible.” For if there was one author (God), and he wrote through men, He couldn’t contradict Himself. He can’t - it goes against His very nature of truth.

A Biblicist says, “I will not teach philosophies or traditions of men. I will only teach truth from the Bible with no contradictions.”

My friend, find a good Bible believing church. Find a pastor that quotes scripture, not men. When you do, you will find the truth and that “Truth” will indeed set you free!

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