Say the Same Thing

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At practice and in the game, it’s the coach’s words that matter most.

What he says establishes the mindset of the players on the team, directs the action on the field or the court, and ultimately determines the outcome of the game. Whether a team wins or loses is directly attached to the players’ ability to come into agreement with the coach by implementing the play he has designed.

In essence, they must all say the same thing in order for the team to move in the right direction and gain the advantage over its opponent. In a game, the play, which is always designed to give you the advantage, only works when the players all run the same play.

For us as Christians, God is the Coach, the Bible is our playbook, and exercising faith in God’s word is the agreement necessary for us to move in the desired direction or get the desired result.

By faith, we come to God in prayer to not only express the desires of our heart and our needs, but also to hear from him.

In prayer, we receive instruction, and when we follow God’s instruction, the end result is victory. Thus, the essence and power of prayer is obtaining God’s mind or desire on a thing and setting in motion his plan to see what he desires come to pass.

Many of us fall short at this point.

Often, if we can’t see how the desire of our heart will be accomplished through the Word of God, we abandon the word and resort to doing the best we can to get the job done.

Be encouraged. By following the Word of God, you’ll find that your desires are tucked inside of his plans.

Psalm 37:4 says that if we delight ourselves in the Lord, he will give us the desires of our heart.

To delight ourselves in the Lord is to be content with knowing that we are fulfilling God’s plan and purpose. In so doing, the scripture tells us that the Lord will give us what we desire.  

Recently, the Lord directed me to teach the congregation about the importance of saying the same thing.

This does not mean that we have a cliché or slogan that’s unique to our church fellowship. Rather, it means that we are coming to a place of having a fundamental agreement that the word of God is the deciding factor for us individually and corporately.

As such, we will apply the word of God in every situation and circumstance we find ourselves in. In so doing, we are coming together as a church family and are able to move forward spiritually in our personal lives as well.

Come into agreement with the Word of God today. Say what the Bible says about your situation and you will find that you are moving forward, gaining the advantage, and receiving the victory.  

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