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Joshua 6:1-3 “Now Jericho was securely shut up…none went out, and none came in. 2 And the Lord said to Joshua: "See! I have given Jericho into your hand… 3 You shall march around the city…

Nowhere in the Bible do we see such unquestionable obedience from so many people.

Hebrews 11:30 “The Lord said to Joshua”, notice God’s power is working through leadership and organization. Sounds like the pastor of a great church.

Jericho was “shut up”, “none went out and none came in” representing man’s closed heart, his ability to keep the God of people and God’s people out. Usually the obstacle hindering what God promises to do is the wall of the heart.

Have you been mistreated, overlooked, or rejected? Who hasn’t? Beware, the walls of protection you construct can become the very walls that imprison you from the Lord’s blessing.

The Israelites had been walking in a circle of shame, fear, and unfulfillment for 40 years. On the way out of life’s bad situation their walk is again tested.

“You shall march . . . do not say a word.” – no complaining, fighting with church folks or second guessing your spiritual leaders.

More walking, less talking!

I know it is hard to keep doing what seems to be nothing, but you have to pass the test. To get to level 2 you must leave level 1, to enter a new place, you must leave the old place. These were experienced military men put in a trying situation which seemed ridiculous. They could not use the arrows of their own past experience, the ladders of their own intelligence, the rope and hooks of their own strength, nor the battering rams of the flesh. They couldn’t break rank, fire a word, or disobey orders.

Where did this supernatural trust in God and man come from? The anointing “the ark” was a type of God’s presence among the people. The Spirit of God’s word allows believers to taste and experience the freedom of the victory that Jesus supplied before the manifestation of the victory.

Every day they walked, they fought the good fight to do right at any cost. A good soldier can never just do what he likes, but only what he is commanded.  

“With a great shout” – it is biblical for you to put God’s word in your faith expression.

Guess what you get when you “shout” in faith? Whatever you shout for!

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