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A class of little girls was learning to spell. They spelled a number of small words, such as "pig," "cat," "dog," "cow," and amused themselves by imitating the sounds that these animals make.

Then little Mary was asked to spell "love."

She didn't stop to give the letters, but ran and threw her arms around the teacher's neck and kissed her on the cheek. "We spell 'love' that way at our house," she said.

The girls laughed, but the teacher said, "That is a beautiful way; but do you know another way to spell 'love'?" "Oh, yes," cried Mary, "I spell love this way," and she began to put the books in order on her teacher's desk.

"I spell love by helping everybody when they need me."

What a great story, and a great example of love this Valentine season. Valentine’s Day is set aside for us to show those people that we love how much we care about them by buying them chocolate and roses and greeting cards. My wife likes some of those things just as much as anyone else, but I have realized there is a much greater way for me to demonstrate my love for her.

Instead of just telling her I love her, I show her that I love her through actions. Then, as I do these acts of love for her, she realizes that it is not just mere words, but it is an attitude of my heart.

The Bible talks about love in a multitude of different passages, like in 1st Corinthians 13, also known as the “Love Chapter,” but there are two passages that I want to mention here in closing.

The first is John 3:16, probably one of the most well known passages in the Bible.

Turn to that passage in your Bible and it says in part that God so LOVED the world. In case you were wondering, that means He loves you, no matter who you are or what you have done.

Another passage is found in John 15:13, where Jesus says that no one has any greater love than this that he lay down his life for a friend. Now, we may not actually have to sacrifice ourselves for our friends anytime soon, but we can definitely go out of our way to help others and show them that we love them and care for them.

Our actions will always speak louder than our words, so let’s show others how much we care for them and love them through what we do, and not just what we say.

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